Master Zeng

Asian Brush Painting Master - Uncle Zeng

Wei Qiang, Zeng / Mei Zhou



Master Zeng Wei Qiang is a well-known traditional Chinese Landscape brush painter & calligrapher from east of Guangdong province of China, a city called Chaozhou. His parents are both Landscape & Sumi-e painters. Under their influence, he has been painting Chinese traditional brush painting since he was 7 years old!


I call Master Zeng “Uncle Zeng”, he’s one of my best friends’ father. Watching Uncle Zeng paint was a fantastic experience! He’s focused and ambitious! Every line, every drop of ink he creates on the xuan Paper shows how talented a painter he is. He showed me some skills I’ve never seen before. It was such a great lesson!


Not only does he paint on xuan paper, he paints on ceramics as well! It’s not easy to find such a well-experienced, traditional brush painter that also paints on ceramics! Most of the ceramics paintings are made by modern machines now, mass-produced. It was such an honor to see how 100% handmade ceramic arts were created!