How to paint a blossom in Chinese painting / with a Chinese brush?

Flower and Tree Blossoms are one of the main subjects in Oriental Brush painting – in Japanese painting – often referred to as Sumi-e but also in Chinese Painting which in Western countries is known as Ink and Wash Painting whereas the Chinese refer to it as 水墨画 (Shui Mo Hua).

Most of the traditional Eastern learning books are either dedicated to the art of creating wonderful flowers and flower petals or at least have a big section within other categories that explain how to skillfully master the painting of blossoms.

To get some inspiration, you can take a look at one of our videos where a Chinese painting master we are friends with   paints a cherry cherry blossom on a Shikishi board made of Xuan paper and a decorative outer part; you can find several of these boards in the Decorative Paper Section of our shop.



If you are new to Oriental painting and not sure where to start, we could refer you to several painting books. The classic is the Plum Flower edition of the Mustard Seed Garden series. For a more step-by-step tutorial you have the choice between either the book version of Plum Flower painting, or some instructional painting cards which are easy to use since you can place them on a bookstand right in front of you.