Table of Content – Sumi-e / Ink and Wash Painting Database

Below we listed all categories and articles that we prepared and edited to give you a better understanding about Sumi-e and Chinese Ink and Wash Painting. The purpose of this page is to serve like an index page which is clearly structured to make it easy for you to look for a specific article or category you are interested in.

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Table of Content – Tools and Materials Database

On this page we provide you with a detailed overview of all our Knowledge Base articles which relate to the relevant tools and materials used in Asian Brush Painting – i.e. Sumi-e / Ink and Wash Painting, Fineline, Gongbi – but which are used for Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy at the same time due to their common historical roots.

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Table of Content – Calligraphy Database

This page is about giving you a detailed but well structured overview of all our categories and articles dealing with the knowledge of Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy.

Whenever you get lost in the knowledge base and need to orient yourself navigate back to this page and see where the article is placed you are looking for.

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