Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Technique & Learning – A Short Painting Tutorial


Short Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Painting Tutorial – Bamboo

Of all painting motifs in ink and wash painting, bamboo is probably the easiest, because it consists of nothing but a few strokes, which makes it the ideal subject for a painting beginner.

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Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Technique and Learning – The Finishing Touch on an Artwork


What is the Meaning of the Seal on an Ink and Wash / Sumi-e Artwork?

An ink painting is only fully complete when a seal is added to the finished painting. A seal is like a painter’s signature and comes usually in square or circular forms. Depending on the size and shape of the seal, it is either placed in a corner (large, square seals), or on the sides of the painting (circular, oval or irregular shapes). A name seal is usually square, where as other shapes can bear little messages.

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