Chinese Calligraphy Technique and Learning – The Use of Ink: Wetness and Dryness


How to Control the Tone of Ink in Chinese Calligraphy?

There are a great number of strategies that calligraphers use to provide visual interest within their works. One of the easiest ways to introduce different aesthetics is to control the amount tone of the Ink used. Simply by changing the ratio of ink paste to water, the calligrapher can use different tones to express different ideas. Darker tones can be used for weighty, sober meditations, while lighter tones can betray a more fanciful mindset. Using two or more batches of different ink in a single work can provide interesting contrast, especially when more than one script is used. Experimenting with different ink tones is perhaps the simplest way to experience the vast potential contained in the simple ink stick.

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