Chinese Calligraphy Technique and Learning – The Finishing Touch on a Calligraphy Artwork – Adding the Inscription


What is an Inscription of a Chinese Artwork?

The inscriptions works of Chinese calligraphy or painting have a similar function to the signatures on Western artworks. They tell the viewer who wrote or painted the composition, but they may also relate more information about the context of the writing or painting: where it took place, when, and for what purpose.

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What are Types of Chinese Seals and their Application in Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy?


Introduction of Chinese Seal Types and their Usage in Chinese Art

The seals applied to Chinese artworks most often fall into three types according to the characters inscribed upon them. If a work has only one seal, it will surely be the name of the artist, his name seal. The other two types are the leisure seal and the studio seal. A leisure seal will most often contain a motto or auspicious saying, while a studio seal, as the name suggests, proclaims the studio of the artist.

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