Virginia Lloyd Davies

Virginia Lloyd Davies is a well known US Chinese brush painting instructor

Virginia Lloyd-Davies / Joyful Brush, Fairfield


Virginia’s official Website

British born Virginia is now living in the US and has been an avid Chinese brush painter for over thirty years – originally picking up the art of wielding a Chinese brush from Chinese master I-Hsiung Ju. Frequent travels to Taiwan and Mainland China allow Virginia to not only perfect her skills but to also exchange ideas and inspiration with Chinese brush painting masters and to keep track of latest developments in the art of Sumi or Ink and Wash Painting (水墨画) as it is referred to in China.

Virginia’s paintings have been exhibited in innumerable exhibitions which makes it impossible to list them here – mention worthy though is the fact that Hillary Clinton commissioned her to create a piece of art for the White House in 1993

A versatile artist, Virginia is also an accomplished singer and puppeteer with a track record of solo performances with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Buffalo Symphony and the Long Island Symphony.

Virginia Lloyd-Davies is a frequent radio and television guest and guest writer for famous magazines such as the New York Post as an expert for Asian brush painting. She is not the secluded introverted artist often found among practitioners of East-Asian painting but takes a lot of joy interacting with her audience and lets the audience influence the outcome of her paintings.

Her paintings reflect her international approach to painting – strongly influenced by East Asian philosophical traditions. For her, the painting develops a life force of its own with each of her strokes which she calls “chi” and which nourishes and energizes her artistic soul.

Due to frequent student and fan requests, she recently released her first instructional DVD on “How to Paint Peonies in Chinese Brush Style” of which excerpts can also be found on YouTube.

In the gallery below you can find a selection of some of her stunning artworks.