Sungsook Hong Setton

US master and instructor of Chinese brush painting & Sumi Sungsook Hong Setton

Sungsook Hong Setton / Sung’s Studio, New York


Sungsook’s wonderful website

Sungsook is an accomplished artist and instructor of Chinese brush painting who actively promotes the beauty of East Asian painting in the US through her teaching, exhibitions as well as working as a curator and guest writer for various publications in the US and Korea.

Her background of training East-Asian painting with Korean and Chinese Literati Master but also Western art professors reflect on her paintings which – at times – fuse Eastern and Western elements and techniques. Sungsook has a rich academic background studying art at Goddard College and the Open College of Art in Oxford allowing her to pass on not only practical but also academical knowledge of Oriental brush painting to her students.

The uniqueness of Sungsook’s paintings are reflected by her having received awards from well renowned institutions such as the New York Foundation of Arts or the National Sumi-e Society of America.

Sungsook sees herself as a performance artist due to the spontaneity expressed in her painting in the tradition of wu wei which can be translated as “going along with the nature of things” according to Daoist spiritual teaching which Laozi teaches in his Tao te Ching. Music is an important source of inspiration for Sungsook when creating her paintings which range from more traditionally themed Sumi paintings to very abstract artworks – giving room for their viewer’s imagination.