Oil Paintings

Oil Painting


In this brush painting gallery which we constantly update you will find all kinds of oil-painting which are painted using Asian brush painting tools and materials. Contrary to the other sections of our gallery we do not only post pictures of paintings here which are Asian inspired but Oil-paintings in general.

Realizing that a lot of our clients are using East-Asian brush painting tools not necessarily for Sumi-e, Calligraphy, Gongbi painting or any of the other Asian brush painting styles but for Western art forms even though they use East-Asian brushes, ink and sometimes paper, we did not want to excluded these paintings but also have a platform to showcase these art forms here.

Again, the purpose of our page and gallery section is not to be strictly limited to one way of doing things and should not be too academical but in the first place provide a platform for art lovers in general and brush painting fans, practitioners and teachers in particular. We hope you enjoy the following sections.