Mariano Soto

Mariano Soto is a Spanish artist and instructor for Sumi painting and Oriental brush and water color painting

Mariano Soto / Sevilla & Mallorca


Mariano’s website

Mariano Soto, born in Murcia in Spain, is a versatile Spanish artist, curious about different aspects of art and with a curious sight and very personal creative attitude. Mariano not only is an avid painter since his childhood but also has a strong passion for writing and psychoanalytic studies.

Furthermore, he is one of the founders of the Fondamenta Art gallery in Palma de Mallorca.

A graduate of the Fine Arts University of Barcelona, Mariano continued his education at the University of Fine Arts of Ravena in Italy, then the Palazzo Spinelli Institute of Art and Restoration in Florence. He has been working actively as a painter, teacher, communicator and cultural manager organizing exhibitions, courses, art workshops and lectures all over Spain.

He has been experimenting with different painting techniques but lately started to focus on the practice of East-asian painting techniques under supervision of Master Li Chi Pang.

It has been the practice of Chinese painting and Sumi which opened Mariano to a process of research and growth enabling him to strongly develop his creativity and to explore the expressive and therapeutic universe that lies within these age-old techniques by depicting the essence of nature in just a few strokes, combining the spirit of Oriental painting with Mediterranean feeling and emotion. That way, the artists different interests finally merged in one all combining instrument of artistic expression.

It is this unique form of combining Asian painting techniques, the unique materials and principles used in this creative process with the colors, light, aroma and rhythms of the Mediterranean which makes Mariano’s work so unusual.