Chi Zhang

Chi Zhang is a Edinburgh based artist and instructor specialized in Chinese watercolor sumi painting and calligraphy

Chi Zhang / Edinburgh

Scotland / United Kingdom

Chi’s Blog

One of Scotland’s most famous calligraphy, Chines brush painting and watercolor painters, Chi’s paintings often use traditional Chinese Sumi painting techniques but focus on Scotland’s rough natural beauty.

In contrary to certain styles of Western painting which are very realistic, Chi captures the essence of the remarkable beauty of the Scottish landscape in just a few strokes using the traditional tools of Chinese brush painting and superbly mastering the interaction of brush, ink, water and rice paper.

Chi graduated from the prestigious Duncan of Jordanstone Collge of Art & Design in Dundee. His artworks have been exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, the Tramway Visual Art Center in Glasgow, the Henan Province Art Center in China and the Beijing Printing Museum.

Happy to share the beautiful art of Chine brush painting and calligraphy Chi is also an instructor at the Confucius Institute and the Leith School of Art where he teaches weekend and weekly classes but also holds several weeks intensive courses.