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Casey Shannon / Casey Shannon Studio, Carmel

United States of America

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Casey Shannon is a long time brush painting artist and instructor – famous for her contemporary Sumi-style. Being accompanied by her cute and helpful dog, Gabe, Casey enjoys her life in Carmel Valley where she created and developed the Casey Shannon Studio.

The thing that I admire the most about Casey is that she healed herself from a dramatic accident which happened four days after her 36th birthday – a massive left hemisphere brain-stem stroke. After that she was basically paralyzed – she could not breathe, speak, walk or use her dominant right hand – for Casey as a sumi-e artist, losing the ability to use her right hand means that the possibility for her to draw ever again was gone.

Such an event should have been devastating.
Casey however slowly learned to talk and walk through years of rehabilitation; eventually she even learned how to paint again – using her left hand!
As soon as she could sit in a wheel chair she began drawing which helped the healing process.

Her being such a strong woman is what I admire most about her!
This fantastic recovery story through art can hopefully serve as an example of the healing power a passion for art can have.

It is said that art is an international language which has no boundaries and eases the spirit. From Casey’s story we can learn that art is also a powerful healing method – not only for the spirit.