Carved Seals

Carved Seals


We often get the question what a carved seal stone actually looks like or if it is possible to look at the outcome of a carving before actually placing an order for a hand carved Chinese or Japanese seal stone.

Since each carved seal is unique – not only in its shape, material and coloring pattern but mainly when it comes to the carving – unfortunately this is not possible. A carved stone is an artwork like a painting or calligraphy – even if the seal carving master applies a certain carving script to the stone which has some predefined patterns and shaped and even though each script carved into a seal is subject to certain rules and guidelines passed down through generations of Chinese Seal Carving history, each seal will be unique since it is a hand made piece of artistic impression.

On the other hand, we are totally aware of the fact that when purchasing something you want to know what it is that you will finally receive. Therefore, we decided to launch the category of “Carved Seals” in our Gallery of Chinese artworks. Whenever we carve a seal that we find worthy being displayed in the gallery, we take a picture of the carved stone together with the imprint of the carving applied to the seal stone – mostly in Chinese seal paste in traditional red that has a very distinct color due to cinnabar being one of the main ingredients of the paste. That way, even though you will not see something which is 100% identical to your own individualized seal stone, you will get a rough idea of what the result is going to be.

Also, when using our Chinese Seal Generator Tool to choose your carving pattern you will see examples of the seal carving scripts you can choose from, you see the different patterns such as Chinese or Western zodiacs or you just go to the section of Chinese Seal Carving patterns in the gallery where you see a wide selection of patterns we applied to seals in the past or of traditional patterns that have a long history and you can choose from to have them applied to your Chinese seal stone.

Finally one thing we offer is that we send you a picture of your finalized seal stone before sending it out – only once you approve it it will be packed and shipped. If you have a request for modification, we just scrape of the layer with the carving and apply a new carving until you are 100% Happy which is the goal of customer satisfaction we are constantly striving to achieve.

Most of the seals we do for our clients are signature chop seals to sign an Oriental artwork but we also can create customized martial arts seals for you. These seals are used in dojos and my martial arts teacher, masters and instructors for various purposes. Certain martial arts seals are so called “Master Seals” or “Master Chop Stamps” which are uniques signature seals for a Wing Chun, Aikido or Karate instructor to chop certifications.

Two specific sub-categories within are the “Dragon Master Stamp Chop” or the “Grand Master Stamp Chop” the former one being hand carved with twining dragons. Then there are the seal chops or stamps used for the Dojo in general such as the Martial Arts Security Stamp and the Martial Arts Dojo Certificate stamp. This one is a unique identifier like a signature to verify and legitimate student certifications in a specific form of Martial Arts. These kinds of seal stamps are used in all martial arts forms originating in East Asia such as Tai Chi Chuan, Kenpo, Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do or different styles of Chinese Kung Fu.

For you to get such a Wushu (the Chinese word for martial arts) seal, you can either just choose a seal stone of your liking from our Seal Stone Category and choose to carve it, or you go directly to our Chop Generator and follow the step-by-step instructions starting with choosing a stone of your liking.
We often have the case that our customers have a special request when it comes to their chop – either they want a bigger and more extravagant stone with intricately relief-carved header with mythological symbols like dragons, phoenixes or pixius – in which case we inquire with our supplier and make suggestions. Or they have special requests when it comes to the carving such as having carved walls on their chop not just a carved based. In such a situation, please contact us directly – most requests we can fulfil, no matter how unusual they might be.