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The goal of this gallery is not to only display Asian calligraphy artworks of established and experienced artists but writings from beginners or hobby artists to show all kinds of levels of experience and professionalism. We find that each calligraphy artwork has a beauty by itself – reflecting not only the skill level and professionalism of the creator but also her or his personality and individual characteristics which make each calligraphy artwork unique and special.

At the same time, this gallery is going to present an overview of the different techniques and styles in both – traditional and modern Chinese calligraphy but also the Japanese Shodo and Kanji calligraphy variations. Therefore, you should soon be able to find examples of Kai Shu Calligraphy (楷書) the script considered the standard script in Chinese calligraphy, Zhuan Shu Calligraphy (篆書) the oldest style, derived from oracle bones and still the most predominant one for Chinese seal-carving which some people call Seal Script, Li Shu (隸書), also referred to as the Clerical Calligraphy script style and of course the Running Scripts of Chinese calligraphy, called Cao Shu (草書) in Chinese with the Mad Grass Script probably being the best known one.

When it comes to traditional Japanese calligraphy writing, this online gallery showcases artworks of Japanese Sosho and Kana calligraphy from both, Japanese and international calligraphers.

At a later point, we are planning to also add the less known calligraphy scripts and variations such as Flying White Calligraphy – Fei Bai (飛白) in Chinese as well as modern interpretations of traditional Chinese calligraphy. Furthermore, we will introduce rare forms such as Bang Shu (榜书 ) – which is a very large script calligraphy form often performed with very large brushes with the artist at times standing on the paper to execute the strokes.

We are also open to suggestions of additional calligraphy styles we are not aware of and we are always happy for submissions from clients and friends which we can publish in this gallery.