Andrea Erickson

Profile picture of US Sumi & Kanji calligraphy artist, instructor and curator Andrea Erickson

Andrea Erickson / Tacoma


Andrea’s Online Portfolio

Andrea’s type of painting is often being referred to as a “natural and gifted” style of painting. Originally from Tacoma in Washington State Andrea started painting at the age of nine already with Bunny Halligan. From then on, she experimented with various types of painting such as watercolor, mixed media and Sumi painting – drawing inspiration and picking up her skills from several well known Northwest artists.

Living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, the natural beauty of the surrounding land- and seascapes constantly inspireds and marks Andrea’s Sumi paintings done with Sumi Ink. The combination of the stunning natural surroundings and her spirituality and inner power – often called “chi” – give Andrea’s paintings an unparalleled power and uniqueness.

In the tradition of Oriental Sumi painting which is more than a mere sequence of acquired skills or techniques, Andrea describes her style of painting as “feeling the brush stroke first, and then executing it”. Each artwork is a unique combination of artistic creation and a strong influence of inner power reflecting the artist’s personality. Her latest works, expand into the areas of Japanese Kanji calligraphy and collage.

Apart from being an avid Oriental brush painter, Andrea is also giving lessons on Japanese brush painting and teaches the century-old art of paper making.

Andreas has been a long-time member of the Puget Sound Sumi Artists association where she served as a board member and a winner of a vast number of awards. Her artworks have been showcased at prestigious institutions such as the Bellevue Art Museum, the Western Washington State Fair, Lakewood’s White Dove gallery and many more. When still living in Tacoma, Andrea was running the “Flow” gallery & studio promoting and curating artistic talents in the Northwest. One of her latest artworks – the “Icicle Ridge” can be seen in a book which is about to be published entitled “Who is God” and it will be exhibited at the Museum Contempo.