Main Gallery


In this gallery which we regularly update we showcase a wide range of Chinese and East-Asian artworks from all major art forms such as seal carving, Chinese and Japanese painting and of course Chinese & Shodo / Kanji calligraphy. Then of course there is a section of Oriental seal carving due to its close connection to Chinese calligraphy and its role as one of the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar.

All artworks on the following pages and sections come from our friends, family members and clients who are happy to share their creations in this community for lovers of the art of the Oriental brush.

We think that each Oriental brush painting artwork has its own beauty since it reflects the mentality and personality of the artist – no matter how old, how experienced and how skilled. For this reason, our online gallery is not limited to featuring artworks of experience long time Sumi or calligraphy artists but rather an open community where everyone who shares the joy and passion of Oriental calligraphy and Ink and Wash painting with us shall be shown.

For calligraphists and Asian brush painters who are beginners, this gallery should be inspirational and motivational – providing them with fresh ideas and insights. For experienced artists, it shall be a platform where they can get in touch with students or exchange ideas with other calligraphists or painters.

Currently, this online gallery for Oriental brush painting and calligraphy is still in its infancy but we are now starting to continuously update it and we are always happy to receive contributions or requests to feature artworks from painters and calligraphists from all over the world.

At the moment you can find the following categories.

Since a lot of our tools and painting materials are also used for Acrylic and Oil painting, we are planning to soon add a section for these, too.