A Term A Day: Term “Cold” in Four different Calligraphy Styles

A friend of mine is hosting a calligraphy class. To encourage the students and also to expose the art of calligraphy to more people, they started filming videos. Each video is just about one character which is written in four different calligraphy styles – Kai Shu, Cao Shu, Li Shu and Zhuan Shu style. You can clearly see how a stroke is started, processed and finalized, and how a character is formed stroke by stroke during which you learn to build the structure of the character to make it steady and beautiful.

In this article we introduce the first video to you: How to write the term “cold” in the four different calligraphy styles mentioned above.

For the term “cold” the corresponding character is “寒”, pronounced as “Han”.

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Sumi-e Aliens – Scary Watercolor Interpretation

Today I found this amazing painting on Weibo (微博) – the Chinese Twitter equivalent.
It is from a famous Chinese freelance designer who is very active on Weibo. You can check out his page here http://weibo.com/u/1653387702.
For those who don’t have a Weibo account and can’t access his page, I just post it here.

When I found this, I just loved it.
As a joke, he attributes this work to Qi Baishi (齐白石), the famous painter for painting shrimps and former President of the Association of Chinese Artists.
Amazing how such a traditional art form can be used to interpret present-times – and in this case even future times objects and sceneries 🙂

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