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“Blazing Dragons” Hand Carved Wooden Chinese Brush Hanger

Article: AWP049

Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Sumi Brush Rack with hooks on both sides to hang brushes. This brush hanger supports brushes with a length of up to 15 inches (39 centimeters). There are 5 hooks on either side to hold up to 10 brushes in total. Can be easily assembled by inserting the 3 different pieces into each other.


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Dimensions: W 12 in x H 17 in x D 3 in / W 30 cm x H 44 cm x D 8 cm

Usage: to hang longer brushes for careful storage

Decorative Elements: Lion Hand Carvings & Chinese Ornaments

More Info: Made of wood, comes in 3 Pieces, suitable to hang 2 x 5 brushes

Another brush hanger which also fits longer or bigger brushes holding up to two times five of your most precious writing or painting utensils. Easy to set up since it only has 3 components which can easily be inserted into each other. Hand carved out of Chinese wood. It is carved with traditional Chinese pattern and features two heads of fire blazing dragons. At the bottom, there are two hand-carved figurines which could either be little dragons or Chinese Pixius – we had diverging opinions when discussing what these two figurines would represent and decided to leave the detail interpretation to you.

Decorative Oriental brush hanger with Chinese dragon head carvings and brushes attached to the rack to display the usage