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"Big Mama" - Big Canvas Super Large Horse Hair Artist Brush

Article: BSI094

One of our two largest paint brushes with a length of over 32 inches, 10 inches forming the very long tip made of resilient white horse hair bristles. A special brush for artists looking for an over-sized big brush to paint large paintings on big canvases with two-hand strokes or for large script Chinese and Japanese Shodo Calligraphy. Alternatively a hand-made home decor item with a handle of black water buffalo horn that can be unscrewed for easier storage or to wash the tip.


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Tip Hair Material: Other Hair

Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Hard Hair

Tip Resilience: Hard

Tip Dimensions: L 10.6 in x Dia 3.2 in / L 27.0 cm x Dia 8.0 cm

Total Length: 39.4 in / 100 cm

Material Handle: Hand Carved Water Buffalo Horn

Usage: Painting on very large canvas or big script calligraphy

A unique and very rare big-sized brush which makes a great centerpiece of every brush collection.
Hand crafted in one of our manufactories in China's Jiangxi province with hand-selected horse hair bristles and a handle made of the horn of a type of water buffalo which can be found in this region and which is used because of its very big horns which are needed for this kind of brush.

The bristles of white horse hair remain resilient despite their length and the massiveness of the tip but at the same time store very large amount of ink, therefore allowing you to create large strokes without interruption.

The natural characteristics of the long horse hair tip allow painting techniques normally only feasible with smaller brushes - a result that cannot be reached with industrially manufactured brushes often used for large canvas painting. Therefore, this brush is specially crafted for experienced artists who know how to handle such a brush with two hand movements to reach the desired results in their artworks. Traditionally these types of brushes are used for very large script calligraphy.

Super large size hand made Chinese horse-hair paint brush used for calligraphy shodo and painting on big canvas in comparison with a normally sized wolf-hair brush