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Bamboo Brush Wrap with "Pocket"

Article: AWP018

Colorful handmade protective bamboo brush holder mat to store your favorite Chinese Calligraphy and Sumi-e brushes in excellent condition due to its great natural ventilation characteristics. Comes with an additional pocket of breathable fabric preventing brushes from sliding out of the wrap even when stored in upright position or carrying it around with you. Your valuable brushes are always stored in perfect condition.

Please note that the color and design of the pocket varies!


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  • 90 Days Return Policy
  • Handmade Quality Brands
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Dimensions: 13.78 in x 11.81 in / 35 cm x 30 cm

Usage: To safely wrap and store larger brushes

This product is for you to store and protect your brushes when you are not using them. It keeps them from being contaminated or damaged by accidents.

The most important advantage of this product is that it has this pocket to its side, keeping the brushes safely and steadily. Apart from protecting them from the outside “dangers”, it also protects them from hurting each other when you carry it and move around.

It is definitely one of the must-have items for your study room.

usage view of the bamboo brush wrap with pocket. This product is made of bamboo strips with a cloth pocket at one site where your brushes could be well positioned and protected inside