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The Asian Brushpainter Family

The Asian Brushpainter Family!!

In the beginning this site was the idea of my mom – May Wang.

Being a long time brush painting and calligraphy enthusiast herself, she taught Asian brush painting to a couple of American ladies that came to travel and study Chinese in China. They became friends and started to exchange painting tricks and cooking recipes …in case you ever wondered how the Dong'an Chicken made it from Hunan to the US….

From my mom’s friends we heard how difficult it was for them to find high quality Asian brush painting supplies at reasonable prices in the West. An idea was born.

In the beginning we just occasionally packed and shipped big parcels filled with Wolf Hair Brushes, Xuan Paper and Chinese Chops carved by uncle Liu for our friends in the US, then to friends of our friends... finally to even more friends who had heard about us.

That gave my mom the idea that she could start an online shop and energetic as she is, she fully launched herself into it. But soon she found out that her passion was more about sharing painting and calligraphy than with web design, databases, shipping regulations and daily emails. So she decided to move back from buzzing Guangzhou to live with my aunt in our hometown in Hunan and to focus on her arts again, handing over the responsibility to me.

That is where I enter the picture. Even though I love all forms of Chinese art, I’m not as talented as my mom and my cousins. On the other hand I am an English major and have great friends that helped me with the wording and translation into English. Today, our team is growing and it is all thanks to the great customers who support us. Among the team, we have  Amy, who is a product design major and is also responsible for IT, Echo, who is a business major – but only because her parents want her to be – her secret passion is photography and underground art and Jewel is one of my best friends from university.

They all decided to join in and help me make this site a great place to visit.

We already have customers from many countries in the world.

My entire family and our friends support this page with ideas - suggesting useful new products, letting me take pictures and movies of them while they paint so I can share these with my new friends from all over the world.

Please feel free to let me know what you love about it and what I can improve on our site.

Lulu Wang & Team